The Art of Complaining

Maybe the recession has opened up my eyes as to how much we’re getting screwed over, but I’ve become much better at complaining in the last few days.

On the way home from college yesterday evening, I popped into the local shop with herself. Purchased a bag of sweets (€3+ always around the same price) and a piece of bread. Fancy-ish bread, round flat loaf with some melted cheese and peppers on top. At the checkout, I thought to myself “around €5 or so, this place is dear”. Was charged €8.69. Stunned I walked out of the shop with receipt and change. Turned around to herself and said, “I think I was just charged over €5″ for that bread”. I promptly walked back in an exchaged the bread for €5.59. Call me a tight arse but that’s a step too far for me!


Then today at my local Dublin 2 cafe, I was purchasing lunch. I’m a regular at this joint, although I normally bring in my own lunch. Purchased the usual – soup which is the best I’ve tasted in the city, and a sandwich (mozzarella cheese, tomato, pesto). Back in the office I was horrified to find 2 slices of tomato (on a relatively large roll), 2 small pieces of cheese and a dribbling of pesto. I was too far away (and lazy in all honesty) to bring it back, so I took a photo and proceeded to consume. I have an almost full loyalty card from this establishment so next time I will be asking for the manager, showing said photo and proceeding to complain. Watch this space….


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