Science has real life benefit – shocker!

On the way home from a throughly enjoyable trip to Scotland with an old college friend, the following incident happened. Possible fuelled by the remnants of the weekends alcohol, we were in a good mood. At airport security, the couple in front are a bit miffed. They have 6 min pots of souvenir jam that security want to confiscate as the weight is given at 110g. Said couple thought this included the glass jar. I enquired as to their situation, as we had some time to spare – this is not usual for me in airports! 

Turns out the 110g was net weight, i.e. contents only. Mr. Airport Securtity Manager arrives, as the couple has requested his presence to state their case. Cue flashing the science-card! “Excuse me Mr. Airport
Security Manager, but 110g equates to less than 100ml, as 100g of water = 100ml. 110g of jam, being relatively denser than the water, will actually occupy a volume of less than 100g (Mass = density/volume).”  

Jam survived unharmed; Science claims a small victory in it’s long-running battle to be seen as cool!


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