Adaptation quote

Opening quote from the movie Adaptation. You gotta love Nic Cage. More quotes here

Do I have an original thought in my head? My bald head. Maybe if I were happier, my hair wouldn’t be falling out. Life is short. I need to make the most of it. Today is the first day of the rest of my life. I’m a walking cliché. I really need to go to the doctor and have my leg checked. There’s something wrong. A bump. The dentist called again. I’m way overdue. If I stop putting things off, I would be happier. All I do is sit on my fat ass. If my ass wasn’t fat I would be happier. I wouldn’t have to wear these shirts with the tails out all the time. Like that’s fooling anyone. Fat ass. I should start jogging again. Five miles a day. Really do it this time. Maybe rock climbing. I need to turn my life around. What do I need to do? I need to fall in love. I need to have a girlfriend. I need to read more, improve myself. What if I learned Russian or something? Or took up an instrument? I could speak Chinese. I’d be the screenwriter who speaks Chinese and plays the oboe. That would be cool. I should get my hair cut short. Stop trying to fool myself and everyone else into thinking I have a full head of hair. How pathetic is that? Just be real. Confident. Isn’t that what women are attracted to? Men don’t have to be attractive. But that’s not true. Especially these days. Almost as much pressure on men as there is on women these days. Why should I be made to feel I have to apologize for my existence? Maybe it’s my brain chemistry. Maybe that’s what’s wrong with me. Bad chemistry. All my problems and anxiety can be reduced to a chemical imbalance or some kind of misfiring synapses. I need to get help for that. But I’ll still be ugly though. Nothing’s gonna change that.

Complaining Works

Following on from this post, I had reason to go back to said cafe today. Long story short, manager was very nice and my colleague and I received both of our lunches free – to the tune of nearly €20! No need to show pics, the manager gave a reasonable excuse that they were training a new guy in.

So be vigilant fellow citizens, the art of complaining needs to be resurrected after being killed by the Celtic Tiger.

Science has real life benefit – shocker!

On the way home from a throughly enjoyable trip to Scotland with an old college friend, the following incident happened. Possible fuelled by the remnants of the weekends alcohol, we were in a good mood. At airport security, the couple in front are a bit miffed. They have 6 min pots of souvenir jam that security want to confiscate as the weight is given at 110g. Said couple thought this included the glass jar. I enquired as to their situation, as we had some time to spare – this is not usual for me in airports! 

Turns out the 110g was net weight, i.e. contents only. Mr. Airport Securtity Manager arrives, as the couple has requested his presence to state their case. Cue flashing the science-card! “Excuse me Mr. Airport
Security Manager, but 110g equates to less than 100ml, as 100g of water = 100ml. 110g of jam, being relatively denser than the water, will actually occupy a volume of less than 100g (Mass = density/volume).”  

Jam survived unharmed; Science claims a small victory in it’s long-running battle to be seen as cool!

How to Holiday for 3 weeks in a Recession

Not being the conventional type, I like to experience something a bit out of the ordinary. I also happen to find myself with 3 weeks free in January (after exams, before new job). The solution of how to experience most in a tight economic climate? The Trans Mongolian Express of course!

I researched flights, also considering spots like Cuba / Mexico / Peru etc. The most cost-effective turned out to be out to Beijing and home from St. Petersburg. In-between I will experience the cities (and towns) of Ulaan Bator in Mongolia, Irktutsk in Siberia and Moscow, as well as the aforementioned Beijing and St. Petersburg. With the weather in most of these places reaching -20 degrees, funnily enough it’s not the most popular time of year to take this trip. But this also means I’ll see Siberia as nature intended, walk on Lake Baikal (20% of the worlds fresh water supplies) when it’s frozen over, and in-between keep warm on cheap Russian vodka.

I had intended on taking this trip solo, but a scant recollection of a conversation with a buddy a long time ago reminded me that this was a trip he had always wanted to do. So a short telephone conversation later and he was in. Below is a photo of our intrepid travellers, mentally prepoaring themselves for the hardships and 8,000km+ of toasty (I hope) train journeys in steerage class which lie ahead:

-Brian and Robbie

As you can see, Robbie has the beard already, I’ve got plenty of work to do to catch him. $5 hostels and Siberia await….

Recession Busting – #1

How to entertain yourself for free on a Monday night: Attend a TV show obviously! A friend had a spare ticket to Podge & Rodge yesterday evening. Any excuse to get out of college, I went along. After a couple of glasses of red wine in reception, we were ushered into the studio. Great fun, we were warmed up by “Colm” who was entertaining if not hilarious. The lads themselves did 2 interviews – one was a very irritating Scottish lady who presents some some about people who keep messy houses. The other guest was Mario Rosenstock (Gift Grub). Mario had us in tears with his impressions, an excellent entertainer. All that and out by 9 o’clock for the princely sum of €0.00. So go on, get onto the RTE site and grab yourself some free entertainment!

My Granda

Since my Grandmother died, I’ve been living with my Granda. He actually loves getting up early and making me breakfast (OJ, 3 poached eggs, porridge w/ banana and honey for those interested). While preparing it this morning, I noticed that he had squeezed me twice as much OJ as for my uncle – who is over from Oz for a couple of weeks visiting. I told him I noticed this and was wondering why, his reply: “I have to look after me customers”!

My Granda – a funny guy. He’s 82 today – Happy Birthday to him!