The Art of Complaining

Maybe the recession has opened up my eyes as to how much we’re getting screwed over, but I’ve become much better at complaining in the last few days.

On the way home from college yesterday evening, I popped into the local shop with herself. Purchased a bag of sweets (€3+ always around the same price) and a piece of bread. Fancy-ish bread, round flat loaf with some melted cheese and peppers on top. At the checkout, I thought to myself “around €5 or so, this place is dear”. Was charged €8.69. Stunned I walked out of the shop with receipt and change. Turned around to herself and said, “I think I was just charged over €5″ for that bread”. I promptly walked back in an exchaged the bread for €5.59. Call me a tight arse but that’s a step too far for me!


Then today at my local Dublin 2 cafe, I was purchasing lunch. I’m a regular at this joint, although I normally bring in my own lunch. Purchased the usual – soup which is the best I’ve tasted in the city, and a sandwich (mozzarella cheese, tomato, pesto). Back in the office I was horrified to find 2 slices of tomato (on a relatively large roll), 2 small pieces of cheese and a dribbling of pesto. I was too far away (and lazy in all honesty) to bring it back, so I took a photo and proceeded to consume. I have an almost full loyalty card from this establishment so next time I will be asking for the manager, showing said photo and proceeding to complain. Watch this space….



OK, I’ve neglected this for too long, I promise I’ll be good from here on in. Recently have been running a lot, working some and doing less study. DBS (Dublin Business School) is slowly sucking the life out of me. Last set of exams to do in January, it will be nice to forget about it and have my weekday evenings to myself. 

Have been to see Queen + Paul Rodgers twice, London (O2 Arena) and Liverpool (Echo Arena). 2 unbelieveable experiences, these are truely moments I will remember for the rest of my days.

Roger Taylor
Roger Taylor

This is literally how close we were to the stage on both occasions – spine tingling even looking back on the pics.

Bob Dylan – Amagansett

After 9/11 happened, Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary purchased a number of planes at a huge discount while aircraft manufacturers order books were empty. Thus he received a huge discount and built a stable low-cost base from which some of his success today is underpinned by.

Taking my own interpretation of this not so literally, I frivolously deciced to buy a Ltd Edition Bob Dylan print. Entitled Amagansett, it appealed to me due to reminding me of my Summers working in Cape Cod (J1) and Montauk (illegal!) during college. And I didn’t think of it as an investment per se, although if worst came to worst it would no deccrease in value over time.

I actually purchased it together with my buddy, this made me feel slightly less guilty about spending a huge amount of cash on a print. Although there has been more than 1 mention of the Radioactive Man No. 1 episode in the Simpson’s when Milhouse, Bart and Martin all chip in to buy a rare comic:

Radioactive Man No.1
Radioactive Man No.1

Martin: How about this, guys? Bart can have it Mondays and Thursdays, Milhouse will get it Tuesdays and Fridays, and yours truly will take it Wednesdays and Saturdays.
Bart: Perfect!
Milhouse: Wait a minute! What about Sundays?
Bart: [suspiciously] Yeah, what about Sundays?
Martin: Well, Sunday possession will be determined by a random number generator. I will take the digits 1 through 3, Milhouse will have 4 through 6, and Bart will have 7 through 9.
Bart: Perfect!
Milhouse: Wait a minute! What about 0?
Bart: [suspiciously] Yeah, what about 0?
Milhouse: Yeah!
Martin: Well, in the unlikely event of a 0, possession will be determined by Rock Scissors Paper competition, best 3 out of 5. How’s that?
Bart: Oh, okay.
Milhouse: Yeah, all right.